I visited my friends in Springfield last weekend. It may be one of the last times I visit Springfield. I’m sure as long as one of my friends is still living there the four of us will meet up there. But this last time felt even more like an ending for that place than it ever has before. It was a little bit nostalgic and kind of sad last time I went in October, but this time didn’t feel sad at all. Other than missing my friends terribly, I’m really really glad I don’t live in Springfield anymore. As we were driving around the city last weekend it seemed almost surprising to me that I spent four years there. 

But then I saw campus again. All of it, my life those four years, was because of that campus. I love that place. From the first moment I set foot on it I never felt more like I belonged somewhere. The university made all of Springfield worth it. The city itself has faded a bit from memory, but that campus is still crystal clear. I remember exactly how everything looks – and not because I was just there. I remember the awning in front of the campus elementary school, I remember the inside of the elevators in the student union, I remember the chairs in the lecture halls at my academic building. 

I loved that place. I still do. It was my home and I’ll never forget it.