Digest of my thoughts at work this week:

Who uses Harrington as a font in a professional email? Especially when they are the Director of Marketing and PR? Did you never have to take any sort of class that taught you anything about fonts?? I understand you’re trying to personalize an otherwise very impersonal form of communication, fonts are not for that. If you want to be personal, use personal language, not awkward, scripty fonts.

I hate the name Michael because I cannot spell it and I hate it.

I don’t understand people who “don’t really care for sandwiches.” It’s a piece of meat, cheese, and some other stuff shoved between two pieces of bread. It’s the most unassuming entree you could have. What’s not to care for? And the sentiment “why would I go to a sandwich shop and buy a sandwich when I can just make it myself?” Well are you going to make it yourself? No you’re certainly not you lazy piece of shit. So get off your damn soapbox and just buy a damn sandwich.

Daily posts may not be the best format for chronicling the random things that cross my mind at work. I like these weekly digests better.