I made up Squibby the Turtle when I was bored at work one day. I took to doodling because I wasn’t supposed to have my phone out and I already read all the interesting magazines in the reception area. I usually like drawing geometric shapes, but that day was I feeling extra creative, and I knew that someone else would see my doodles since I was working in reception. I decided to make up a character, and animals are easier to draw than people. So I drew a turtle. And named him Squibby. Unfortunately I don’t have any original drawings of Squibby, I left the few that I made behind when I left that job.

I wanted Squibby to represent a lot to me. Like a certain time in my life, a way that I was living for a while. I wanted him to encompass the experiences I was having at that time, to sort of signify who I was. “This is Squibby, a character I made up when I was bored at work, and he represents how easy that job was.” Not exactly profound. He was just a doodle I made one time because I was hoping someone else would see him and chuckle. Hopefully someone did and it brightened their day a little. Sometimes things don’t have a lot of meaning or a lot of influence on us, they’re just simple little things that make us smile. And those little instances are just as important, because they can make our lives better, just a small bit at a time.