This is Archibald, the lizard.

I found him in the West and brought him back with me. He is a good lizard. He was sad to leave his home, but he is a restless lizard, and he wanted adventure. He had never heard of a place called ‘Missouri’ before, but it sounded exciting. He had also never met me before, but I promised him I would take good care of him, and that he was always welcome to stay with me.

Archibald, or ‘Chibbie’ as I’ve taken to calling him, really liked Missouri. He missed the warm sun but he liked whatever pleasant things there are to like about Missouri but which happen to escape me right now. He originally planned to see every state in the continental U.S., but he realized without a guide that would be almost impossible. Also I think he grew pretty fond of me and didn’t want to leave me.

So he decided to just live with my permanently, and follow me wherever I go. Chibbie knows that I have a similar sense of adventure to his, and that I won’t stay in the same place for more than a year or so. He figures he’ll just stick with me and he’ll get to see everything he wants to. This way, he won’t have to visit every state by himself, and he always has a place to live.

Chibbie has only been to Missouri and Tennessee so far, and he has liked both of them. He’s pretty excited to see where we go next, and I told him the next time I take a road trip I’d bring him along so he can see even more places. Me and Chibbie are gonna go far, and we’re gonna see everything. We still got our whole lives ahead of us, and as long as we’re together nothing is gonna keep us from moving forward.