Anger is a part of life. We’re human, we get angry. It’s okay to feel angry sometimes, but it’s important to handle it properly. You don’t want your anger to get the better of you or someone else. Conversely, it is important to handle an angry person the right way. Specifically, how to handle someone when they are mad or frustrated that something isn’t going right (and not how to handle someone who is mad at you because that is an entirely different topic).

Solution 1) If someone is frustrated about something and throwing a bit of a “tantrum” you should for sure respond with sarcasm and an equal amount of frustration. If they are sort of lashing out for what might be something very trivial, definitely belittle them and make them feel worse about themselves. They deserve it, after all, because they’re annoying you.

Solution 2) Another rock-solid approach is to take their angry personally, and become offended by their frustration even though you know it has nothing to do with you. Tell them that their anger scares you, make them feel like an uncontrollable anger-monster. Because if they are fooled into thinking that their frustration over their malfunctioning laptop deeply hurts and offends you, then maybe they’ll stop.

Best of luck to you when dealing with your angry friends!