The Tale of Sir Galahad & Sir Lancelot

Two knights of the Round Table who became two very best friends

*some liberties taken with Arthurian Legend, bear with me*

There once was a knight named Sir Galahad. Sir Galahad, the Pure. He had a clean heart and a kind soul, most of the time. Sometimes he could get really pissy when he was hungry and also sort of bitched about annoying people a lot. But all in all, he was ultimately a kind soul. Also chastity. Like he was suuuuuper fucking chaste.

Galahad was very shy as a boy. He had friends, but not too many. He was a very loyal and trusting friend. Once he formed a bond of friendship with someone, it was hard for him to break it. But due to his inward demeanor, many thought him cold and aloof. Sometimes even his friends thought this of him. It was not so hard for them to break their bonds with him.

And so in this way Galahad grew into a young man. Wary of his peers, only once or twice having a found someone he could call his best friend. However these friendships did not last, and Galahad set off to the neighboring kingdom of Camelot so he could study politics, that he might become a more skillful and educated knight.

It was in Camelot that he met Sir Lancelot. Sir Lancelot, the Brave. Lancelot’s childhood was not unlike Galahad’s. He, too, had become wary of his peers. But Lancelot was not shy like Galahad, Lancelot was talkative and sociable. Lancelot liked to be around people, and people made Galahad nervous.

The problem was that Sir Lancelot was a bit different from those who surrounded him as a child. He was not from Britain, he was a Frenchman, and so many found his customs and mannerisms odd, and they teased him for it. They teased him mercilessly, and he grew hard because of it. But Lancelot was Brave, so he would not give those little shits the satisfaction of knowing they got to him, and he carried on without them. Outwardly he appeared confident and assuming, but inwardly he was lonely and sad.

Lancelot was cloaked in his confident armor when he first met Galahad. Lancelot too had traveled to Camelot so that he might study and learn about the cultures of other peoples, and better himself as a knight. The two knights met as a result of being in the same place at the same time. All the time, actually, because they shared quarters at Camelot.

And so these two knights, one Pure and one Brave, came to know each other well because they were literally always together. They studied together, they dined together, they drank together, they practiced their swordsmanship together. They very quickly became close friends. Their friendship was not merely the result of timing and exposure, however. Many knights who were paired up together in this way ended up hating each other for all eternity.

The difference for Galahad and Lancelot was that each had what the other needed. Each of them were not whole knights, for they had some parts missing. Galahad was Pure, but he lacked confidence. Lancelot was Brave, but he had never been accepted for who he was. Galahad gave him this acceptance, and gave him true friendship. With these gifts Lancelot flourished, he made the most friends he’d ever had, and he no longer needed armor to protect himself. And Galahad was no longer shy. Lancelot taught him to be Brave and stand up for himself, and for what he believed in.

Because of their friendship, Galahad and Lancelot became Great knights. Although they sometimes had a hard time expressing their feelings out loud because they are both sort of emotionally closed off and super chill about that kind of thing, they helped each other, and encouraged each other, and their bond of friendship was so true that bards would write songs about it for centuries to come. With each other, they could overcome anything: dragons; warlocks; douchebags; fuckboys; brother apathy; exes. Galahad and Lancelot realized they needed each other, and that life would be very difficult apart.

But they were parted, four short years after they had first met. They each finished their studies and could no longer stay in Camelot. It was time for them to take what they learned and put it to practice. They were knights, after all, and knights are meant to help and serve others. And so with heavy hearts they set off in opposite directions, for their callings to serve were not in the same place.

They are now several kingdoms apart from each other, and only see each other every once in a while for a good visit. The separation is very hard for them both; they realize just how much they need each other, and how truly strong their friendship is. Each of them feels lost without the other, and they despair. But they do not let the despair overcome them. For even though they are separated by hundreds of miles, their bond remains true, and they communicate often via various social media platforms as well as SMS.

And in his heart, Galahad knows that one day they will be reunited. Someday, they will once again be together, going on adventures and slaying all fuckboys who stand in their way. A force as strong as friendship cannot be stopped, not by distance, or by anything.