And how one girl left behind her legacy

There was girl. A girl who loved egg rolls. More than anything else, she could unfailingly find solace in egg rolls. They always satisfied her and turned her bad moods into good ones. So passionate was her affinity for egg rolls, she considered them an art form. Egg rolls represented beauty. They were more than just fried dough wrapped around whatever’s inside them.

This girl loved egg rolls so much, and so believed in the beauty of egg rolls that she quested to find the most perfect one (Their beauty is especially apparent if you order several of them and stack them on top of one another. They sort of look like ancient rock formations). She searched and searched, braving tiny parking lots and oh-so-sketchy looking restaurants. Every egg roll she encountered was a worthwhile experience. Every one came to represent the beauty that she knew inherent in their nature. But there was never the one. The one that would change her life, that would leave her speechless and inspire her. She searched and searched for the one true egg roll.

The search for the True Egg Roll soon became well known to the girl’s contemporaries. Several of them understood her journey, and desired to join her. Together, they all searched for the True Egg Roll, forming a movement so pure and honest that they became living saints. Saints of the True Egg Roll. They sojourned altogether every week, traveling to a new destination in hope of finding the beauty they sought. On their journey they formed bonds as pure as their quest, and as strong as those lids on Chinese takeout containers that never seem to open no matter how many times you accidentally knock them out of the fridge while reaching for the butter. Bonds forged in purity, honesty, and strength, that would endure until the end of time.

Then one day, they found it.

They found the True Egg Roll. It was waiting for them at place over off Kansas Expressway by those apartments that everyone lives in. It was a Tuesday. There was nothing special about this particular day, or this particular destination – they had no signs or premonitions. They were on their weekly journey as usual and it was thrust upon them, right in the middle of daily life. They were ecstatic. They returned to this special place for the True Egg Roll every week. No more need to search, for they had found it. And every time they ate it, a new revelation burst forward.

Eventually, the founder of the Saints of the True Egg Roll had to leave the order, and the hallowed place they had sojourned for years. She had come to a point in her life, she had to move on. She could no longer stay in that place, with those people, because that was not her place, or her people anymore. They no longer needed her, and she was required elsewhere. This departure did not make her or her comrades sad, for they knew this is how life conducts itself. They shared one last Egg Roll together before she left, and it was by far the greatest Egg Roll any of them had ever encountered.

The girl left that place, knowing that behind she left dear friends who would continue her work. Her order would carry on what she had started, and when one of them had to leave – as she had – they would welcome another in their place. So it would go on in this way, so that the Saints of the True Egg Roll would never perish. They would forever bear her legacy, from now until eternity.